Post: Recent task flooded with vSAN health messages, and you’re not running vSAN…

After upgrading to VMware vCenter 6.0 Update 2 you may have noticed that recent tasks is flooded with «» messages, even though you don’t use vSAN in your environment!  This is also written and filling your logs.

So, if you want to get rid of these messages you have to stop and disable the «vmware-vsan-health (VMware VSAN Health Service)».

Here’s how to stop and disable it on the Appliance:
1. Log into the vcenter appliance with ssh (or console and shell)vsan-disable-appliance1
2. Type «shell.set –enabled True» and then «shell»
3. Type «/etc/init.d/vmware-vsan-health stop»
4. Type «chkconfig vmware-vsan-health off»

And here’s how to stop and disable when running vCenter on Windows:
1. Log into your vCenter server
2. Start the services manager, hit the start button and type «services.msc»
3. Find «VMware Virtual SAN Health Service» and right click, choose «Properties»vsan-disable-windows
4. Hit the stop button
5. Set «startup type» to «Disabled«

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